Shiner Law Group Charges Bank of America Allegedly Misappropriated CD Funds

Missing CD Funds Spurs Lawsuuit Against Bank of America

Boca Raton-Based Trial Attorneys File Civil Lawsuit on Behalf of Deceased Palm Beach County Woman and Surviving Sons

Boca Raton, FL November 10, 2017 – One of the nation’s leading financial institutions is headed to court for allegedly misappropriating the funds of a deceased Palm Beach County woman, the Shiner Law Group, the Boca Raton-based firm representing her estate, announced today.

David I. Shiner, one of the civil trial attorneys representing the plaintiffs, said the lawsuit charges Bank of America Corporation with the alleged failure to account for a $75,000 Certificate of Deposit, which Jean Irene Makovsky opened, in 1992, and held in trust for the benefit of her four sons.

To be tried in Palm Beach County, Case No. 2013, CA 018966: Karl Makovsky as Personal Representative of the estate of Jean Irene Makovsky, et al., v. Bank of America Corporation, seeks a return of the $75,000 and accrued interest plus treble damages and attorney fees.

Ronnie Gotti, an attorney on the Shiner team, said Jean Irene Makovsky originally opened the CD with MBNA, which Bank of America acquired in 2006, along with all of its customers, accounts and funds.

Upon the death of their mother, the Makovsky sons were unsuccessful in their attempts to recover the funds. According to documents filed in court, Bank of America is to allegedly have claimed no record of the CD purchase and, furthermore, believes it is not liable under law to maintain records of accounts left unfunded beyond seven years.

“The Plaintiffs maintain multiple causes of action against Bank of America including breach of contract, and a claim for civil theft pursuant to Florida Statute Section 772.11,” said Shiner. “After four years of delay and hurdles, the Makovsky family is relieved to finally have their day in court.”

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