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When several people have been injured by a faulty product, a medication, or sustained economic loss due to inappropriate conduct by an employer, the strongest form of legal recourse is a class action or multi-district lawsuit.

At the Shiner Law Group, our award-winning class action and multi-district litigation lawyers have results-driven experience advocating for victims in large-scale cases and have the resources to develop innovative litigation strategies, identify the appropriate plaintiffs, and file for class-action certification.

We foster a positive client experience by ensuring the legal and financial interests of the claimants we represent are addressed and safeguarded to ensure fair compensation is awarded.

Class Action Litigation Lawyers - Multi-District Litigation Lawyers

If you have been sustained economic and non-economic injury due to the widespread negligence of a person or business, contact the experienced class action and multi-district litigation attorneys at the Shiner Law Group to review your legal options in a free consultation.

Filing Your Claim: Understanding the Difference Between Class Action Lawsuits and Multi-District Litigation

Class Acction Lawsuits

In a class action lawsuit, a group of claimants who have sustained injury caused by the intentional or unintentional negligence of an individual or business can bring a legal cause of action against the at-fault party in a single claim.

Generally, a class action lawsuit allows claimants to consolidate their injuries, as the nature of individual claims are generally minor and would not cause the victim to pursue legal action on their own terms; however, class action litigation gives claimants a significant advantage to obtain pecuniary compensation.

Multi-District Litigation

In multi-district litigation (MDL), several lawsuits are filed by individual claimants, whereby the legal actions are consolidated during the pre-trial process for filing and discovery convenience, including legal counsel, defendants, eyewitness testimony, and relevant key evidence.

Both forms of litigation require complex legal maneuvering, which makes representation by a seasoned law firm imperative to obtaining substantial, favorable results.

Common Examples of Class Action and Multi-District Litigation Lawsuits

The Shiner Law Group identifies several examples of negligence commonly associated with class action and multi-district litigation:

  • Product liability, including faulty motor vehicle components, unsafe consumer products, medical devices, and injurious pharmaceutical drugs.
  • Consumer fraud.
  • Corporate misconduct.
  • Securities fraud.
  • Environmental hazards, such as oil spills, chemical run-off, or climate change.

Negligible employment practices, including discrimination based on age, race, religion, sex, or nationality.

Resolving Class Action and Multi-District Lawsuits

When a class action lawsuit is initiated, a Florida judge will require the case representative, typically via their legal counsel, to inform all possible parties who may be affected by the outcome of the claim of their ability to “opt-in,” or join the legal action.

Class action lawsuits expeditiously resolve matters that would otherwise exhaust time and resources; however, since several claims are consolidated into a single case, the judge’s ruling will prevent the individual claimants from filing a lawsuit against the same defendant for the same injuries.

If the plaintiffs in a class action lawsuit win the case, the presiding judge will determine the compensation owed to the individual claimants for their injuries.

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