Business Litigation Lawyers

Business Litigation Attorneys

If you are a business owner, it is crucial for you to understand the basics of business litigation. After all, you never know when legal disputes may arise from different sources. So, if you have a solid understanding of what business litigation is and its basics, you will be able to prepare for the dispute in a better way and ensure positive outcomes. Continue reading to learn all about business litigation:

What is Business Litigation?

Business litigation entails disputes that stem from or relate to business transactions between companies and individuals. It involves some kind of a contract that can arise from a tenancy or sale of goods or services. It can be an oral, statutory or written obligation.

In other words, business litigation involves disputes that arise out of business or commercial relationships, such as an establishment’s claims against another company, group of individuals or governmental entity.

Business litigation disputes are most often very complex, therefore it advisable to work with a seasoned attorney who can easily help you navigate it and protect your rights.
Types of Business Litigation

Our Busines Litigation Lawyers Helped Clients In Many Cases:

How do I Locate an Attorney to Assist me on or my Business Litigation Case?

Business litigation nearly involves all types of disputes that may arise from a business context. Since it occurs in different venues from state to federal courts to private arbitration and administrative hearings, it won’t be wrong to say that business litigation is quite broad in nature. This means that you must first locate an attorney who specializes in your type of business litigation. Not all attorneys always specialize in every area of business law.

At Shiner Group Law, we specialize in a wide range of commercial litigation cases including but not limited to, business fraud, contract disputes, franchise disputes, consumer protection, securities litigation, anti-trust litigation, employment disputes and intellectual property disputes to name a few.

Get in touch with us to discuss your case. We will review your case and provide you with quality legal assistance as needed. However, in case we can’t, we’ll refer you to a lawyer who specializes in your business litigation case.

What do I need to bring to my lawyer the first time we meet?

In the event a lawsuit is brought up or threatened, the first thing you need to do is contact our attorney for immediate advice and support in situations that necessitate quick decisions. When meeting the attorney for the first time, make sure to provide them with a chronological timeline of events so that the attorney is well-aware of everything that led to the lawsuit. Every detail counts as it can help the lawyer protect your rights. By written chronology of events, we mean the sequence of events, such as:

  • Who knew what and when
  • Why and what was done

Also, make sure to provide the attorney with the copies of crucial documents like contract, amendments, letters, text messages, promissory note and lease so that the attorney can review and study them in-depth, which is needed to establish your stronger position.

Furthermore, to prepare for litigation, the lawyer may also want to review your company and its practices. This way, they’ll be able to identify which areas of your company are vulnerable to legal issues and ways to protect your company.

Remember that, any and all information pertaining to the dispute can be of critical value to your attorney.

Misconceptions in Business Litigation

Most people underestimate the litigation cost and fail to fully appreciate its complexities. Therefore, it is important to understand that business litigation is complex and can be costly as it involves a lot of depositions and hearings that can make you miss work often.

Besides the cost, business litigation cases are complex. So, if you think that you can fight on your own then you might to want reconsider. The complexities involved in business litigation can only be best understood by a professional and experienced lawyer.

How long will my case take?

Litigation cases most often take one to two years, if not more. Most cases do not get settled until the completion of the preliminary stage, which is approximately a 6 to 12 months process. However, this time frame can be shortened if both sides decide to settle early.

What do you consider a “win” result?

At Shiner Law Group, a win for our clients is basically a result that is within their expected results that they have set-forth in early consultations, and also within the range of their agreed upon budget. This is exactly why at Shiner Law Group, we encourage our clients to discuss and be candid about their expectations and budget.

To achieve the desired results, our attorney will closely and carefully examine all the facts, evaluate your case and weigh evidence too. Accordingly, we’ll provide you with the best suited options to proceed with your case. We’ll explain you all the options available and the path for each so that you can have a good understanding of risks and rewards attached to each option and then make an informed decision.

For more information on business litigation or legal assistance, schedule a free initial consultation with us today. Give us the opportunity to help you. We promise you that you’ll be happy with your decision.


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