Commercial Litigation Lawyers

When Florida companies become involved in complex legal disputes with other businesses, there is a great deal of risk for the stakeholders involved. These cases often require special handling, as any mistake could ultimately compromise the company’s image and financial performance.

At the Shiner Law Group, we understand diligence is paramount to obtaining substantial, favorable results, and our experience with litigating commercial disputes has allowed us to advance our clients’ legal and financial interests for over 15 years.

If you need aggressive legal representation to help you assess, file, and prosecute or defend your legal matter, contact the award-winning commercial litigation attorneys at the Shiner Law Group to discuss your legal options in a free, confidential consultation.

Commercial Litigation Lawyers

Does Your Case Fall Under Commercial Litigation?

Commercial litigation governs disputes that typically arise from business transactions, such as breach of contract, partnership disputes, and class action and multi-district lawsuits. These disputes can cause a great deal of stress for business owners and are often time-consuming and financially ruinous, which makes legal representation by an experienced law firm imperative to obtaining the most desirable outcome.

Common Commercial Litigation Cases in Florida

As personal injury can wholly cause physical, emotional, and financial hardships for a Florida family, commercial litigation can equally duress a business. Our seasoned attorneys have results-driven experience advocating for clients involved in high-stakes cases because we are committed to pursuing innovative litigation strategies that resolve disputes quickly and in a cost-effective manner.

The Shiner Law Group identifies some common examples of the commercial litigation cases we handle:

Commercial Litigation: When business arrangements go sour, the fallout can be disastrous for the enterprise, particularly if the case involves a business partnership. We make every effort to facilitate an early resolution to avoid costly litigation fees; however, we are equally prepared to take your case to trial.

Tortious Interference: Under Florida law, tortious interference is defined as an individual’s or business’ intention to interfere with the contract or professional relationship of two parties for the purposes of causing economic injury.

Breach of Contract: Contracts are an integral part of any business transaction, particularly when significant financial investments are at stake, as they serve as a legally binding document between two parties that detail the expectations for a service performed.

When a misunderstanding, dispute, or incident of negligence arises, necessitating legal action, a contract can provide proof of the terms and conditions that have been mutually agreed to.

Unfortunately, contracts can be easily broken when a person fails to fulfill a term of the agreement, resulting in pecuniary loss. Our commercial litigation attorneys can help business owners resolve contract breaches through negotiation, litigation, or court injunction.

Commercial Fraud: When Florida business owners and entrepreneurs are significantly invested in the success of their commercial enterprise, legal and financial safeguards, unfortunately, can be overlooked. Weaknesses in a company’s internal controls give employees and customers the opportunity to exploit security gaps by engaging in business fraud.

We understand fraud can be detrimental to you and your business, and our attorneys have experience in handling cases of business-to-business fraud, business-to-consumer fraud, and consumer-to-consumer fraud.

Speak with a Commercial Litigation Attorney

By working with a commercial litigation lawyer at the Shiner Law Group, business owners can find comfort in resolving their disputes quickly and in a cost-efficient manner. We can help you assess, file, and prosecute or defend your legal matter and get the justice you deserve. Call us at (561) 777-7700 or contact us online for a free case review.


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