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Although it has been over a decade since a major hurricane made landfall in Florida, residents should take all necessary precautions to prepare for Hurricane Irma’s approach. The Category 5 storm is projected to slam into Florida’s coastline by early as Sunday morning, with the potential to cause billions in damages. And while Hurricane Irma can produce the most devastation, it is not the only force you should prepare for.

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Florida’s insurance companies, like all businesses, are guided by profits and work to secure their financial interests – even to the detriment of the policyholder covered individual. To minimize their liability and undermine your property damage claim in the aftermath of a significant storm, insurance companies will use loopholes to offer lower settlements despite higher premium costs or even outright deny valid claims. Some of these insurance loopholes include, but are not limited to:

  • Insurance companies arguing that property owners failed to adequately mitigate storm-related damages prior to the hurricane making landfall or fix preventable maintenance issues
  • Claiming that water damage and flooding related to pre-existing leaks or damage
  • Asserting that unsafe living conditions existed before the storm (i.e. living next to the ocean or large body of water).

Unfortunately, many hurricane property damage victims in finding out too late that insurance adjusters will not pay a claim in full, or those insurance companies will delay a claim’s payout which causes people more aggravation and difficulty in getting their lives back to normal. If you sustained property damage or an injury from Hurricane Irma immediately contact the property damage attorneys of the Shiner Law Group to assist with your insurance claim. Again, if you are the victim of hurricane property damage or your insurance provider has underpaid or denied your claim, contact an experienced hurricane property damage lawyer to discuss your legal options.

How a Shiner Law Group Insurance Attorney Can Help

Our award-winning attorneys at the Shiner Law Group have represented storm-related property damage victims and their families for over 15 years, recovering millions of dollars, because we are committed to the highest standards of legal ethics while fostering a positive client experience. We believe insurance companies must honor the contracts signed with their policyholders, which is why we conduct a complete investigation of the facts, including, but not limited to, evidence gathering, independent property damage assessments, insurance negotiations, and examinations of the insurance company’s history.

Hurricane Property Damage Claims

After Hurricane Irma makes landfall in Florida, it is expected that many people who have insurance claims will be scrambling to contact their insurance carrier. It is important that you document all damage with photographs so you can prove to your insurance company that the property damage you sustained is directly related to Hurricane Irma.

Hurricane property victims should know insurance companies are prepared for long drawn-out litigation with a team of adjusters, investigators, attorneys, and experts, giving the insurance company a stronger edge over unrepresented parties. Our seasoned legal team understands the unique challenges hurricane property damage victims face, and, by extension, the questionable tactics employed by insurance companies and defense attorneys. We similarly pursue the best results for our clients, because as a visible part of the Florida community, we ensure our clients receive the proper care, attention, and thoroughness they deserve.

Florida’s geographic location makes the state prone to natural disasters, which are often powerful enough to cause widespread devastation. Insurance company negotiations should not be another hurdle in the aftermath of a storm. The hurricane property damage attorneys at the Shiner Law Group are prepared to take even the largest insurance companies to court to fight on behalf of your legal and financial interests.

The Shiner Law Group provides a list of things you can do before a hurricane to help build the most compelling claim:

  • Record evidence by taking pictures or video
  • Creative an inventory of your personal belongings
  • Minimize damage by securing the residence and making minor repairs
  • Recover receipts and proofs of purchase
  • Locate and preserve insurance policies

Speak with a Shiner Law Group Hurricane Property Damage Attorney

So, if you suffered property damage or other injury(ies) from Hurricane Irma call the Shiner Law Firm trial attorneys at (561) 777-7700 or contact us online for a free case review and help with your property damage claims.


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