Business to Business Disputes

To help corporations grow, business owners require skilled legal partners, who can handle all manners of business-to-business disputes. Every business owner in Florida should have legal representation to handle business disputes. Shiner Law Group works with you and your corporation to handle legal issues that are holding your business back, and stopping you from exploiting opportunities that can catapult your corporation towards new growth and enhanced potential.

We offer legal representation and counsel to an extensive range of businesses in Florida and can help you manage your company from the beginning. We can also guide you through all legal issues impacting the workforce and operations of your business. Our experienced business litigation attorneys can handle all types of business torts, and help your business acquire favorable results in any lawsuit.

Business to Business Disputes

What is a Business Tort?

A business tort, also called an economic tort, is any wrongful act that is caused by a business relationship or transaction. If your business has suffered extensive financial losses due to the wrongful conduct of another business, then your company has a valid civil claim for damages. A tort by itself generally means a wrongful act by someone or an infringement of someone’s rights.

At Shiner Law Group, we have handled all types of ccommercial law cases. We have defended and represented numerous companies in business tort lawsuits. Based on Shiner Law Group’s top rated business lawyer’s experience, below are some of the most common types of business torts your company may face in Florida:

1. Intellectual Property Claims

Most business tort claims revolve around disputes over intellectual property. An intellectual property business tort claim can be in different forms, including allegations of:

  • Potential copyright violations
  • Trade secret misappropriation
  • Trademark infringement

2. Unfair Trade Practices

Unfair trade practices are the most common business torts and can come in various forms. The Florida Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act (FDUTPA), is a key statute that controls these cases. Deception, misrepresentation, and fraud in a business context, can arise to become a business tort claim.

3. Unlawful Interference

Businesses in Florida can issue a claim for ‘tortious interference’ under Florida law, which occurs when a third-party has unlawfully caused damage to the commercial relationship of another company. These are some of the most complex legal claims to deal with.

4. Breach of Contract

Another common type of business tort is the breach of contract. In these cases, Florida courts tend to stress upon specific terms of the business agreement. This is reason why all companies operating in Florida must have carefully considered and well-drafted business contracts.

5. Civil RICO violations

Florida’s RICO statute allows civil claims against businesses to be brought forward. It is imperative that you consult with an experienced Florida RICO claims lawyer if your business is being sued for an alleged RICO violation, or if you are bringing a civil RICO claim in Florida.

6. Professional Misconduct

Most business tort cases are brought against individuals. You can file a business tort claim against the following:

  • A shareholder
  • A professional working outside the company
  • A business partner/partners
  • A corporate director
  • A corporate officer

If a professional’s wrongful actions have caused economic damage to the business, the company has a valid business tort claim.

Experienced Business to Business Mediation Attorneys in Florida

All parties in a litigation are required by the court to attend mediation before trial in the State of Florida. Therefore, if you’re involved in a commercial litigation case, or a business dispute, you must choose a qualified mediator with experience in commercial and business mediation, like Shiner Law Group, to represent your business.

Benefits of Mediation

The mediation process is a guided negotiation, where both parties will be aided by the mediator to negotiate a resolution of their dispute. There are several advantages of settling business disputes through mediation. These include:

  • Easing the court load
  • Leaving parties in a better state of mind
  • Saving money
  • Rapid settlements
  • Mutually satisfactory outcomes
  • Comprehensive and customized agreements
  • High rate of compliance
  • Workable and implementable decisions
  • Personal empowerment
  • Greater predictability of outcome or degree of control
  • Decisions that hold up over time
  • Agreements that are better than win/lose outcomes orsimple compromises
  • Amicable termination or preservation of an ongoing relationship

The costs associated with commercial litigation lawsuits are expensive and takes a considerable amount of time. The mediation process helps resolve business-to-business disputes in a single day. In Florida, it is mandatory that all civil litigation cases go to mediation at least one time before their case can go to trial. In certain cases, Florida Judges can send the parties back to mediation multiple times in an effort to get the parties to settle their disputes.

Many times, courts have seen the benefits of mediation work so well that Judges can send lawyers to mediation in order to resolve specific issues in cases or awards for attorneys’ fees in post trial situations. Generally the best business attorneys will have a great knowledge of the mediation process and their case which can help them obtain the best results for their clients – our lawyers take pride in putting forth the best efforts into our client’s cases and working closely with our clients to secure the best result possible.

The Mediation Process

We have experience mediators, who will review all claims made by all parties, and explain the procedures. They will then identify issues and provide potential solutions that can resolve the matter. The mediator can’t choose the solution but can help promote and guide both parties towards a positive, productive, and amicable solution that everyone agrees with.

A party may “caucus” or meet privately with the mediator to disclose any information regarding the dispute, since all disclosed information is confidential. Apart from that, all counteroffers and offers made during the mediation process are also strictly confidential.

Understanding Civil Litigation

Business-to-business disputes fall into the legal area of civil litigation. Most conflicts are often caused by contract issues, since different parties can misinterpret the contract language. The United States, has a justice system designed to help businesses achieve resolutions through negotiated settlements, lawsuits, or mediation pursued through courtroom litigation.

The experienced and diligent business trial attorneys and support staff at Shiner Law Group strive to protect and serve your company in all business-to-business disputes and lawsuits in Florida. We have top rated and experienced trial lawyers with exceptional skills and a wealth of experience to assist clients resolve their issues in civil litigation cases. We have helped numerous businesses in various civil dispute cases, and have successfully represented them in the following areas:

  • Business disputes
  • Contract disputes
  • Probate disputes
  • Non-Compete cases and injunctions
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement disputes
  • Construction disputes

We also have the experience and skills to pursue civil litigation in Florida for all types of business conflicts, and even employment issues. The rules, regulations and laws governing commercial, civil, and other business matters are complex and require expert legal representation. If you have a business question such as: who is responsible for a breach of contract? or Can i get an Injunction for a breach of a non-compete agreement? or What if my business partner stole from the business? Etc. Etc. If you have questions, we have answers – do not wait to call the Shiner Law Group, your law firm for your business needs.

If you are searching for experienced trial lawyers to resolve a business-to-business dispute in court through negotiation, want legal advice for negotiating a settlement, or want an impartial mediator, then get in touch with Shiner Law Group for a free initial consultation. Call us now at (561) 777-7700 today and speak with our lawyers to set up an appointment.



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